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How to raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration


Raising Vibration

Talks about why we should raise our vibration and why we should do it.

Some words of wisdom

Trying to find my way again…feeling like I need all the help I can get. Sometimes listening to others give us strength to find desire again…desire to live, to grow, a desire for anything really that could be positive. It’s a scary feeling when you suddenly don’t want or care about anything…
Tony is brilliant, so much of what he says makes total sense. His drive and his passion are contagious!

Tiny changes mean huge results

I love listening to him! I think he could convince an Eskimo to buy ice, ha ha πŸ™‚

Going to put his incantations to the test! So, yeah, I’ll be yelling in my car a lot from now on, hey, whatever it takes. Just listening to strong, successful people makes you feel the same, ever wondered how that works?

Take the 1st step

Practical steps to a positive change

Hypnotic Rhytm

Results are created by the momentum. Great video that really helps to put things into perspective.

Got to create a positive momentum!

Steps to get out of a rut.

When you’re in a rut, it can be a very confusing and lonely place. You feel as if you’re not in control of any situation in your life, much less your body. It’s a strange feeling that just lingers and doesn’t seem to go away with time. You feel lethargic and that you’re just trying to make it through another day. You realize that this isn’t healthy or normal, but somehow you aren’t able to snap out of it, because you no longer care. But in the back of your mind, you do want change, even if you’re not sure how to bring about that change.

I think the 1st step is to recognize it and allow yourself some time to process the events that led you here.
Once you’ve come to the point of acceptance, you realize that eventually this feeling will fade and you’ll once again feel like yourself again. Maybe even a better version of yourself, having gone through a certain difficult experience often times makes us stronger.

There are steps that you can take to lead you there.

This is a great video that brings up some important and often overlooked points.

Getting out of the rut.

1) Stop talking about it! Chose where your attention goes. If you already talked about the situation with your friends, family and/or counselor – put it to rest. If not, talk about it and then put it to rest.
2) Express yourself. Do something that you enjoy. Focus on something that makes you happy and a blessing to other people.
3) Give yourself good nutrition. Take care of yourself! Start giving yourself love, by nurturing yourself. Start eating clean, even if you don’t feel like it, drink lots of water.

Acceptance and Surrender

Love Eckhart Tolle and this is a wonderful video πŸ™‚