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Original Oil Paintings ” Photosynthesis”.








I started this painting without having a clear idea of what I wanted to express. Some of my paintings have a specific theme and idea right from the start, others evolve and develop into an idea as I work on it.

 I learned to just go with it and let it unfold naturally. I also remember many people say that you cannot sit and wait for inspiration to hit you, sometimes, well, maybe even 9 times out of ten, you have to just show up and if you do often enough, you just might earn a right to have an inspiration come to you.

That’s kind of how I see it.

 This was the case with this painting. I started painting it as the weather was getting colder, several of my bright and vibrant paintings came to me when it was dark and gloomy outside. I call it my color therapy.

I was thinking about gardens, the lush greenery that we almost take for granted in the warm months. How abundant life is!

 I also like to sail away on the winds of my imagination into some kind of magical fairy land.  I remember watching a documentary about a guy in France or Italy who played classical music in his vineyard 24 hours a day and as a result the grapes grew much faster and also as if reaching towards the source of music.

It made me think about living things and how much more there is than meets the eye on the surface of things.

 I didn’t have a name for this painting yet, and was asking someone what I should call it. When I was asked to describe what I was feeling and thinking when I painted it I started describing a process and then it just dawned on me that I just described the process of photosynthesis.

 I wanted to put a face to a plant and a light source, to further delve into an understand of everything being a living thing, an exchange of energy and life.