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Conscious Uncoupling

When I first heard this expression it was blown up all over the media and probably because of that sheer fact alone, I laughed it off as another Hollywood bullshit trends. But, because it was something new that I heard I naturally wanted to learn more.

As I started reading more about it and researching, I was pleasantly surprised of how much it all made sense! I am not going to rehash in my own words what has already been very well put, but rather will post the whole article. I really resonate with this idea as it is looking at this experience from a spiritual stand point.

When going through separation it is hard to see the reason or the light. Such intense and strong emotions have a tendency to overtake us, as a typhoon wave, unable to remain in control we do our best not to drawn. While I think it is healthy to allow yourself time to grieve, even in that state, we should start exploring any ways that could help us heal and return us to a peaceful place of balance and harmony within. 

I think understanding this and looking at it from a different perspective that you are used to, may not only offer some insights, but help us to move to that path sooner. Read the rest of this entry