Fallen Crumb

Fallen Crumb

Oil on canvas
Fallen Crumb

I painted this one when I was in the very dark state of mind, but after I came up with this concept and started working on it, I felt tremendously better. It’s like I have taken those feelings and was able to express them on the canvas, instead of allowing them to live within me.
It’s a concept of feeling powerless due to the circumstances beyond your control which control every aspect of your life.
This image represent the agony and pain as a result of that. Feeling like a little crumb that has fallen through the cracks of society.
The lack of acknowledgment and the carelessness is overwhelming and crushing.
In some way, this is my way of coping with it.

As an artist I do believe it is my responsibility to uplift and elevate others with my art. Which is why I will include this in my body of work called “Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

It will start out with a few “dark” paintings reflecting the trial and tribulations, which every one of us experiences at some point of our lives, but with every painting it will gradually become lighter and more vibrant, reaching towards light, love, beauty and everything that is worth living for.


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