Creating Opportunity

Creating Opportunity


 This is something that’s been on my mind lately and I wanted to write about it, even if it’s only for myself, to go back and read when I need a little inspiration.

 You hear a lot of expressions about opportunity as if it’s something out there that you have to find or wait until it knocks on your door.

 But what if it doesn’t?

 I used to suffer a lot from feeling like I have been presented with more hardships than opportunities in my life. Everything I have ever gotten was with my own hard work and efforts. Or as I like to refer to it with sweat, blood and tears.

I’ve started working and supporting myself from a young age and I never really had a chance to go to college or to just take a time out, to reflect, discover myself and what I really wanted to do with my life.

  In 2008 I went through a lot of soul searching and growth, it was not an easy process, one filled with many complicated feelings and emotions. But with that, I also felt that there was something new about me, something new I have discovered about myself. I started dreaming. Dreaming about what I want, not settling for what was dealt to me…

I think that might have been the 1st time in my life when I allowed myself to dream, to think about what I want, not what I have to do.

 I began painting. I didn’t know how, I just started. I felt an immense desire to make beautiful things and images. I started with oils, also taking photos, sometimes they served as an inspiration for my paintings. I also felt very drawn to metal, like metal wires, I started making wire wrapped jewelry. I would spend hours sitting at home, twisting wires.

I learned so much without spending a dime. I took out books from the library and searching tutorials online.

 I’ve always felt that somehow I wanted to do something that utilized my creativity and artistic abilities. I just didn’t know where or how to start.

 A huge breakthrough happened when I finally was able to buy a digital SLR camera. I wanted it for so long! At last, I felt that I have the tools that I need in order to move further and continue developing my skills and knowledge.

 I am still on this journey of becoming a working artist and photographer and developing my identity as Alina Skye.  I still have days when I am filled with doubts and frustrations about things moving so slowly, of not being able to quit my job or go to art school and pour my heart and soul into that, which makes me feel most alive.

 But the most important thing I’ve realized is that I cannot feel bad about things that I don’t have or can’t do right now or that are beyond my control…But instead, my new motto is “Do what you can with what you have NOW!”.

 You don’t have to wait for an opportunity or feel bad that it hasn’t come – make your own opportunity! What I mean by that is, do what you can and do it consistently.

 I made a decision for myself to do something every single day which will move me closer to my dreams. We’re all busy and tired and never have enough time….that’s life! Especially when you have to pay bills, work 40 hours a week, maintain a home, relationships, etc.

But if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. I think the tough part is sometimes maintaining the momentum.

Sometimes you have to be your own motivator and your own cheerleader. Ask yourself, what are you willing to do to make your dream a reality? What are you willing to give up/sacrifice? If the answer is nothing, you don’t really want it.

 You can sit in the break room and eat lunch for an hour every day making small talk, or you could use an hour to walk around downtown taking photos.

You can come home from work and spend a few hours watching TV, playing on the computer, or you can take your camera, get outside, maybe go to the park and capture some sunset shots, paint, write a blog, watch tutorials. The point is, to make something you have put your energy into it. And not just on the weekends, but every single day, or as much and as often as you can.

 When you hear the words obsession, you probably immediate perceive it as something negative, but often time to get really good at something, that’s exactly what it takes.

I’ve given up trying to have a social life or spending my time frivolously, right now, I feel like I am on this journey to become who I really see myself. And I will not stop until I get there, no matter what it takes.  The only way I’ll fail is if I quit.

 Dream, believe in yourself, love yourself in every stage of your life, young, old, skinny, chubby, beginner, expert, who you are now, not only who you dream to become and create opportunities for yourself with hard work and determination.


 “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~Milton Berle

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”. ~Francis Bacon

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them.”


About alinaskye

Hello, my name is Alina. I am a local artist and a jewelry designer. I have lived and worked in Nashville for little over 5 years now during which I have discovered many interests I am passionate about, including painting with oils and acrylics, mixed media and jewelry design. Working in an art environment, I currently work at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, have greatly inspired me in many ways. Skye is a self chosen name, which I think best suits me. It represents the sky and heavens above, vast and ever-changing. It came to me when I allowed myself to accept that there are as many opportunities as they are stars in the sky; through the process of soul searching, letting go of fears and doubts –self-made limitations. From that liberating process a new idea and dreams were born, and so did Alina Skye. When I started painting it wasn't out of casual interest or to adopt a new hobby, it came from an intense desire to somehow project all the various emotions and feelings I was experiencing at that time. I needed an outlet for my creativity. Somehow I wanted to convey my personal experience of life through art. My influences are everything I see, feel and experience as well as the things that I've come to understand along the way. My artwork is deeply personal and rewarding to me. Through art I hope to transform a simple perception into something deeper. Symbolism is used to convey ideas that are sometimes overlooked in the business of our everyday lives. I hope to inspire others to look at ourselves as more than just a mere physical body, but to uncover the beautiful immortality of spirit that is hidden within us all.

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