Water Meditation


Water is the central source of our beings. It is part of every cell and fiber in us; it is our very essence.

 Water symbolizes purity, clarity and calmness, and reminds us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity.


Water is my favorite element. I actually crave a large body of water from time to time, like a lake or a river. There is not an ocean near TN, one of the things I miss the most about living in FL.

So, I usually walk to the river in downtown and sit there nearby or I also love to sit by the fountains. I invented my own childhood story in my mind, there I lay often in the hammock under a tree listening to the sounds of a large fountain that sits in front of our house.

There is something so incredible about water, the sounds of water rushing down, waterfalls or even a still placid lake.

I guess my love for the water started from my early childhood memories. My grandmother lived in South of Russia, by the black sea, I spend some time there when I was little and then we vacationed there with my mom every summer. We didn’t have much, but somehow we were able to go on vacations and enjoy ourselves while we were there. Those are some of my happiest recollections from my childhood.

I love swimming, it’s one of my favorite summer time activities. I especially liked coming to the pool either early in the morning before anyone else came or later at night when everyone was already gone. I just really enjoyed the quiet felt most comfortable in my solitude.

 One of the things that I enjoyed so much was my water meditations.

I would completely relax my body as I float on the surface of the water. The whole world goes quiet when you submerge your ears under water and I always welcomed that silence.  It was so needed, as living in downtown is very noisy, you’re constantly bombarded with the sounds of cars, trains and sirens.

I cherish that perfect moment, as I remember exactly how I felt, floating in the gentle water looking up at the sky. I felt completely perfect, peaceful and content. 


About alinaskye

Hello, my name is Alina. I am a local artist and a jewelry designer. I have lived and worked in Nashville for little over 5 years now during which I have discovered many interests I am passionate about, including painting with oils and acrylics, mixed media and jewelry design. Working in an art environment, I currently work at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, have greatly inspired me in many ways. Skye is a self chosen name, which I think best suits me. It represents the sky and heavens above, vast and ever-changing. It came to me when I allowed myself to accept that there are as many opportunities as they are stars in the sky; through the process of soul searching, letting go of fears and doubts –self-made limitations. From that liberating process a new idea and dreams were born, and so did Alina Skye. When I started painting it wasn't out of casual interest or to adopt a new hobby, it came from an intense desire to somehow project all the various emotions and feelings I was experiencing at that time. I needed an outlet for my creativity. Somehow I wanted to convey my personal experience of life through art. My influences are everything I see, feel and experience as well as the things that I've come to understand along the way. My artwork is deeply personal and rewarding to me. Through art I hope to transform a simple perception into something deeper. Symbolism is used to convey ideas that are sometimes overlooked in the business of our everyday lives. I hope to inspire others to look at ourselves as more than just a mere physical body, but to uncover the beautiful immortality of spirit that is hidden within us all.

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